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Fairness for families

The law in England and Wales treats bereaved families like second class citizens when they need to claim compensation after the death of a loved one who has been killed simply because someone was negligent. Of course, no amount of money can ever replace someone who has been killed, but the law treats bereaved families in Scotland with much greater understanding. The law in England and Wales needs to change, to be fairer to the families left behind after a loved one is killed.

People who suffer psychiatric harm after witnessing the death or injury of loved ones are also at the mercy of a legal system which is archaic and unfair. Psychiatric illness has for too long been regarded by the law as being less serious than physical injury. Developments in medical science have proved that this is not the case: psychiatric illness can prove every bit as debilitating. People who suffer needless psychiatric harm are entitled to claim compensation and should not be required to jump through unnecessary and unfair hoops to be able to do so.

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