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If you are looking for an expert to help you with your case, this quick and easy keyword search facility will display specialisms after you enter the first three letters.

eg. Psychiatry or DNA or name of expert


APIL’s expert database is managed by APIL for the benefit of APIL members. It is provided for use by APIL members only.

Tier 1:    recommended by another APIL member
Tier 2:    member of another expert witness organisation, such as the Expert Witness Institute
Tier 3:    those who did not fit either tiers 1 and 2

Entries on this database are not a guarantee of excellence, nor specialisation. Any complaints should be referred to the expert’s particular regulatory body.

Please note that there may be further information available for some experts and you are invited to telephone the APIL office on 0115 943 5400 or email for more details.

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