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Press room topic: Whiplash

Civil justice reforms must be ‘right, not rushed’07/02/2019Press releaseAccess to justice, Discount rate, Whiplash
Government abandons full compensation for injured people23/10/2018Press releaseAccess to justice, Catastrophic injuries, Discount rate, Motor insurance premiums, Whiplash
Regional letter campaign - cold calls for personal injury must be banned25/09/2018Letter to the pressAccess to justice, Can the Spam!, Cold calling, Discount rate, Whiplash
Cut whiplash injuries with the headrest test15/08/2018Press releaseInjury Prevention Day, Whiplash
Civil Liability Bill debate on whiplash reform in the House of Lords - reaction from the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)13/06/2018StatementAccess to justice, Discount rate, Whiplash
Reaction from the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) to the Justice Select Committee report on increasing the small claims limit for personal injury (17 May 2018)17/05/2018StatementAccess to justice, Discount rate, Whiplash
Regional letter campaign - injury claims are not to blame for rising premiums14/05/2018Letter to the pressMyths about compensation, Whiplash
Car insurance injury claims lowest this decade23/04/2018Press releaseCatastrophic injuries, Discount rate, Motor insurance premiums, Whiplash
Government washes its hands of injured people20/03/2018Press releaseDiscount rate, Motor insurance premiums, Whiplash
MoJ decides on April 2019 to implement whiplash reforms12/02/2018StatementSmall claims, Whiplash
RE: Whiplash and tax hikes blamed as car insurance rises by £100 in 3 years - Daily Mail (24 January)24/01/2018Letter to the pressSmall claims, Whiplash
RE: Bruising is the new whiplash - Daily Telegraph (24 January)24/01/2018Letter to the pressWhiplash
Kent roads have highest number of collisions, figures reveal13/12/2017Press releaseBack Off, Motor insurance premiums, Tailgating, Whiplash
Regional newspapers - Drivers urged to 'Back Off'11/10/2017Letter to the pressBack Off, Tailgating, Whiplash
Drivers urged to "back off"16/08/2017Press releaseBack Off, Injury Prevention Day, Tailgating, Whiplash
RE: Daily Mail article 'More Than boss blames fraudulent claims for rise of insurance premium' (3 August 2017) 03/08/2017Letter to the pressMotor insurance premiums, Whiplash
RE: Compensation culture is 'fault of lawyers' (The Times)12/06/2017Letter to the pressWhiplash
Motorists cheated by irresponsible claims reforms20/03/2017Press releasePrisons and Courts Bill, Small claims, Whiplash
Government's 'whiplash' reforms miss the mark, MPs told07/02/2017Press releaseSmall claims, Whiplash
Injured people ‘victimised’ by Government reforms06/01/2017Press releaseSmall claims, Whiplash
Lawyers condemn ‘excessive’ personal injury reform17/11/2016Press releaseSmall claims, Whiplash
Whiplash reforms 'set aside'13/10/2016Press releaseSmall claims, Whiplash
Government bid to end 'trivial' injury claims "utterly groundless"04/05/2016Press releaseSmall claims, Whiplash
Motorists at mercy of insurance industry 'smokescreen'18/04/2016Press releaseMotor insurance premiums, Small claims, Whiplash
Insurance tax increase sells injured motorists down the river, say lawyers16/03/2016Press releaseMotor insurance premiums, Small claims, Whiplash
Drivers urged to "back off" on Injury Prevention Day19/08/2015Press releaseBack Off, Injury Prevention Day, Tailgating, Whiplash
Response to ministerial statement on tackling unjustified personal injury claims15/06/2014StatementWhiplash
Solution to whiplash injuries lies in motorists’ behaviour, say lawyers19/11/2013Press releaseBack Off, Road Safety Week, Tailgating, Whiplash
Motorists urged to “back off” in new campaign to prevent whiplash injuries23/09/2013Press releaseBack Off, Tailgating, Whiplash
Lawyers welcome truth to whiplash debate31/07/2013Press releaseMotor insurance premiums, Whiplash
Lawyers challenge whiplash ‘propaganda’ as claims fall25/04/2013Press releaseWhiplash
Injury claims plans allow insurers to call the shots13/03/2013Press releaseSmall claims, Whiplash
Whiplash ‘could be the new PPI’, lawyers warn11/03/2013Press releaseCan the Spam!, Cold calling, Whiplash
Small claims court could ‘grind to a halt’ under Government proposals11/03/2013Press releaseSmall claims, Whiplash

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