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Accidents at work: the latest

Accidents at work: the latest
All levels - 6 hours

(Please note that the number of CPD hours may be subject to change)

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"The accidents at work update course is one of my "must do" courses every year!"

Presented by APIL's joint vice president, Brett Dixon, this virtual event will teach you about the latest developments in employers liability case law this year. 

Join us for an in depth look at how the poor relation in the six pack of regulations and the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 works and how it is relevant now that more people work from home than ever before. 

The event will cover:

Vicarious liability

  • Understand how the relationship test works after Barclays Bank v VC
    • How do you approach this?
    • What is in, out and a maybe when you take a case on?
    • Can you have a checklist?
  • Religious appointments
  • Volunteers
  • Abuse cases
  • Dentists and self-employed associates
  • The latest (again!) from the Supreme Court in X v Kuoni

The Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992

  • The basics of the duties in relation to workstation safety
  • Understanding the duties in the modern work from home environment and winning those cases
  • Understanding the duty to assess risk and use of equipment at home

Regulations and case law update

  • Dynamic risk assessment
    • What is it?
    • When might it be relevant?
    • How to respond to a reliance on one by a defendant
  • Risk Assessment
    • Overlap with other areas of common law and criminal law
    • Noise at work
    • Control of risk created by contractors
  • The latest from the Supreme Court on employment status and the gig economy
  • Work equipment post enterprise act
    • The Employers Liability (Defective Equipment) Act 1969
  • Construction, Design and Management Regulations 2015
    • Liability to pedestrians injured by third party vehicles
  • Parent company liability
  • Treatment of dividend income in fatal cases

Cost per delegate:

Corporate accredited firm: £205 + VAT
APIL member: £240 + VAT
Non-member: £355 + VAT