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Wrongful birth claims: Theory, law and practice - Presenting, defending and valuing the claim

Wrongful birth claims: Theory, law and practice - Presenting, defending and valuing the claim
All levels - 1 hour

(Please note that the number of CPD hours may be subject to change)

Part two of this two webinar series will be presented by Lizanne Gumbel QC and Shahram Sharghy

This session can be watched as a stand-alone webinar, or alongside part two of the series - Wrongful birth claims: Theory, law and practice - The principles and the law: Claims for wrongful birth - A practical review.

This webinar will cover:

  • Summary
  • Brief overview of the authorities
  • PSLA
  • Loss of earnings
  • Court of Protection costs
  • Recoverable special damages ‘cost of upbringing’
    • Care and case management
    • Parent claiming cost of gratuitous care
    • Accommodation
    • Therapies, treatment, aids and equipment
    • Transport
    • Holiday
    • Education
  • Interim payments
  • Periodical Payment Orders (“PPOs”) and/or lump sums
    • Does the court have jurisdiction to make an order for periodical payments in wrongful birth cases?
    • If it does, what does the court have to take into account when making an order?
    • Why would a claimant or a defendant want a PPO?
    • Relationship with interim payments
  • Private treatment v NHS treatment?
  • Period of recoverability for future losses


1 person - member/accredited firm: £70 + VAT
1 person - non-member: £90 + VAT
Small office (2 - 6 people): £110 + VAT
Large office (7 people or more): £165 + VAT
Whole organisation (All staff at all offices): £330 + VAT


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10 Mar 2022

On-demand recording
From 10 Mar 2022 to 10 Sep 2022