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Finding the best injury lawyer for you

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We can help you to find a specialist injury lawyer if you are seeking compensation. Injury lawyers listed on our website are professionally accredited and have met specific criteria about their experience and expertise.

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When you are injured by someone else, it is difficult to know where to turn, who to trust and whether you are entitled to compensation. The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers has around 3,800 specialist injury lawyers, many of whom are members of a quality mark scheme. Our members attend training to keep their specialist personal injury skills up-to-date. For nearly 25 years we have campaigned to improve the law for victims of injury.

Care and compensation after injury – your rights

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If you have been hurt, or made ill because of someone else's negligence, seek advice on compensation. Our injury lawyers can help you put your life back on track and to provide compensation to secure your future.

If you are unlucky enough to be injured, you will find it extremely difficult to work your way through the legal system and obtain the care and compensation you need. We want to help you find the best injury lawyer for you. Our lawyers are not only concerned about obtaining full and fair compensation but we also consider rehabilitation needs and getting the injured person back to work as soon as they can. You are a person, not a commodity and we do not sell your details. We provide the best injury lawyer for you.


Personal injury is a complex and confusing area of the law, beset with well-reported myths and inaccuracies. At a time when you may feel vulnerable and unsure of your rights and responsibilities, our special guides may help:

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Support following an injury

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers works closely with charities and other support organisations to help ensure injured people get the help they need to get their lives back on track. If you have suffered an injury or illness a specialist support group may be able to provide some assistance.

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