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APIL Clinical Negligence

Price: £99.99 for APIL Members
Authors: Paul Balen and Contributors

APIL Clinical Negligence focuses on the key and developing areas of clinical negligence including medical product claims. It combines know-how about conducting these claims with the latest thinking on new and developing areas of practice.

APIL Guide to Accidents Abroad

Price: £81.00 for APIL Members
Authors: Sarah Crowther QC and Contributors

Written by leading lawyers in the field the APIL Guide to Accidents Abroad covers the Package Travel Regulations, jurisdiction and applicable law, direct action against insurers, shipping and aviation claims, and damages. In keeping with the APIL Guides series, it takes a practical approach providing all the information needed to conduct a claim. The authors' explanatory commentary is supplemented by pleadings and precedents, together with relevant legislation and international materials making this an essential one-stop-shop for conducting PI claims with an international element.

APIL Guide to Catastrophic Injury Claims

Price: £76.49 for APIL Members
Authors: Grahame Aldous QC, Jeremy Ford, Stuart McKechnie, Terry Lee and Contributors

This new edition provides a guide to best practice in the complex area of catastrophic injury litigation. The text provides guidance on case management, practical help in dealing with and addressing issues of expert evidence, an in-depth discussion of damages and an analysis of relevant primary source material.

APIL Guide to Child Abuse Compensation Claims

Price: £76.49 for APIL Members
Authors: Elisabeth-Anne Gumbel QC, Justin Levinson, Malcolm Johnson and Richard Scorer

APIL Guide to Child Abuse Compensation Claims has been written specifically for personal injury lawyers by practitioners with direct experience of the field. This new edition has been extensively revised and rewritten and now includes guidance on:
  • Claims against public authorities
  • Claims against the church
  • Evidence and experts
  • Funding and enforcement

APIL Guide to Costs and Funding

Price: £67.49 for APIL Members
Authors: Gary Barker, Mark Harvey and David Marshall

Costs and funding in personal injury cases have undergone dramatic change since the implementation of the Jackson Reforms which abolished the recoverability of ATE and BTE insurance premiums, capped solicitors success fees at 25%, and introduced QOCS, DBAs/contingency fees and fixed recoverable costs. PI lawyers also faced changes including the extension of portals to cover EL/PL cases.

The purpose of this Guide is to provide a practical overview of the changes, explaining what impact they will have in practice, together with guidance on how to adopt successful and profitable working methods to thrive in the new regime, as well as ensure work started under the old regime complies with the changes.

APIL Guide to Damages

Price: £56.69 for APIL Members
Authors: Simon Allen, Ivan Bowley and Hugh Davies

Claimant lawyers need a clear understanding of the general principles of damages as well as the know-how to maximise the client's claim.

The APIL Guide to Damages sets out the general principles followed by a concise explanation of the law, practice and procedure regarding each possible head of claim. Each chapter contains a brief explanation of the law together with practical tips on evidence and procedure and is illustrated with sample calculations. The new edition has been substantially revised and updated to take on board the many changes since publication of the second edition.

APIL Guide to Evidence

Price: £51.29 for APIL Members
Authors: Stephen Glynn and Contributors

The APIL Guide to Evidence offers detailed and practical advice on evidential matters as they relate to personal injury cases. An explanation of the law and applicable procedure is complemented by practical know-how, with tips on drafting pleadings and schedules.

APIL Guide to Fatal Accidents

Price: £61.19 for APIL Members
Authors: Gordon Exall

Fatal accidents present the lawyer with a set of problems distinct from those of non-fatal personal injury claims. In particular, who does the law categorise as a dependant and how do you calculate the claim for dependency?

The new edition APIL Guide to Fatal Accidents includes:

  • A new chapter on pre-action conduct
  • A new chapter on damages in anticipation of death
  • Ogden 7
  • A new section on fatal accidents and same sex relationships
  • A revised chapter on Coroner's Inquests following the implementation of the Coroners (Investigations) Regulations 2013 and the Coroners (Inquests) Rules 2013

APIL Guide to MIB Claims (Uninsured and Untraced Drivers)

Price: £51.29 for APIL Members
Authors: Andrew Ritchie QC and Jeremy Ford

APIL Guide to MIB Claims: Uninsured and Untraced Drivers provides the practical advice that all personal injury litigators handling RTA cases need to advise clients whose claims involve untraced and uninsured drivers. These cases have always been fraught with procedural difficulties and the technical nature of the Uninsured Drivers’ Agreement 1999 has increased the risks of default by claimants and solicitors.

APIL Guide to Noise Claims

Price: £67.49 for APIL Members
Authors: Chris Fry and Theo Huckle QC

An essential reference guide for claimant lawyers engaged in industrial deafness work. The practical commentary covers the following matters: dealing with a deafness enquiry; comprehensive analysis of the regulatory framework and the issue of limitation in bringing claims; effective collection of lay evidence, and expert medical and acoustic engineering evidence; how to analyse audiograms against the Coles, Lutman & Buffin ‘Guidelines on the Diagnosis of Noise Induced Hearing Loss for Medico-Legal Purposes’; how to work out noise immission levels saving substantial time and expense in utilising experts and improving risk management; managing a claim in the portal; quantum.

In addition to the practical commentary, there are several precedents including a Letter of Claim, Pre-Action Disclosure Application and Pleadings.

APIL Guide to Occupational Illness Claims

Price: £53.10 for APIL Members
Authors: Christopher Goddard and Contributors

This guide provides a convenient one stop source of reference for occupational illness claims. It outlines the vast array of statutory provisions which regulate this area of law, helping you identify which laws were in force at the time of the exposure. It explains the nature of the common occupational illnesses and the problems associated with complicated expert evidence required to establish liability.

APIL Guide to Personal Injury Claims Procedure

Price: £67.49 for APIL Members
Authors: John McQuater

APIL Guide to Personal Injury Claims Procedure guides the reader through each step of a standard PI claim providing details of the applicable procedure and focusing on common problems with consideration of the relevant case law. This new edition has been updated to cover: the new RTA claims process; developments on Part 36 (unravelling the latest complex case law); the latest cases on disclosure, including the concept of 'proportionality' in connection with privacy, e-documents and surveillance evidence; an in-depth look at expert evidence with a review of cases considering when, in personal injury litigation, this is 'reasonably required'; numerous other procedural points including developments on setting judgment aside, service and changes to the CPR.

APIL Guide to RTA Liability

Price: £81.00 for APIL Members
Authors: Adam Dawson, Jeremy Ford and Giles Mooney

Written by a team of specialist PI lawyers, APIL Guide to RTA Liability provides detailed practical guidance.

The work is broken down into 26 accessible chapters, each focussing on a particular aspect of RTA liability. The narrative chapters are accompanied by useful materials and precedents.

APIL Guide to Tripping and Slipping Cases

Price: £67.49
Authors: Charles Foster and Ben Bradley

Tripping and slipping cases form a large part of the typical personal injury lawyer’s practice. Not all cases are straightforward; many involve complex questions of law.

This one-stop text covers all the legal disciplines that can come into play in a tripping or slipping case – Local Government, Landlord and Tenant, Occupier’s Liability, Highways, Health and Safety at Work, and so on. It gives detailed guidance on the applicable law, procedure and practice. It has a big library of precedents, from checklists and letters through to Statements of Case. Most of the relevant guidelines are included as appendices, and the facts and principles of the key cases (often contained in inaccessible law reports) are distilled into case summaries.

APIL Personal Injury Law, Practice and Precedents

Price: £656.99 for APIL Members
Authors: David Marshall and Frances McCarthy

Written by two past presidents of APIL and a team of specialist contributors. This comprehensive work provides the claimant lawyer with an armoury of information on all aspects of PI practice, which will help you ensure the best possible outcome for the victims of accidents. This major work comes in two volumes and will be updated on average three times a year, keeping you completely up to date with the latest developments in law and practice.