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How to accredit events with APIL

If you are a training provider and wish to accredit your events with APIL, please complete an annual application form which can be found below. Upon approval, you may apply for APIL accreditation on an event by event basis.

By accrediting training offered by other providers, we give APIL members greater choice and flexibility in how they fulfil their training commitments. Accredited members are required to complete a minimum of 16 CPD hours per year. This training must have been approved and accredited by APIL). Accredited training is promoted to APIL members and non-members and you will be able to use the term 'Accredited by APIL Training' at your course and on marketing materials, demonstrating that your training meets APIL's high quality standards.

We offer accreditation on both face-to-face and distance learning events. Training courses and conferences may be repeated in different locations and you only need to accredit each series once*. You will need to complete the event application and include the fee of £125 + VAT for face-to-face events or £50 + VAT for distance learning events.

From time to time, APIL assessors may attend accredited training courses or a full pack of training materials may be requested, after the event, to monitor objectives against the actual programme. All information can be found in the guidance forms.

*Face-to-face events are accredited for a 6 month period while distance learning events are accredited over a 9 month period.

Accredited events

Members - please note that only the courses listed by these providers are APIL accredited. A number of solicitors’ offices hold APIL in-house accreditation which automatically accredits their personal injury and clinical negligence training. To check if your office is accredited, or for more information about APIL in-house accreditation, please click here.

Course provider
Course type
Course date
ProviderCourse titleTarget audienceCPD hoursDatesLocations
ABI SOLUTIONS"Getting it right" - Managing complex support needs to maximise potentialLitigator / Senior Litigator4.7519/09/2019Bristol
Seeing is believing. mTBI & PTSD unlocking the complexity and controversySenior Litigator5.510/10/2019London
Tech Con 2019All levels5.7526/09/2019London
AVMAClinical Negligence and the duty to discloselitigator/senior litigator1On demandcomputer
The New format BilAll levels1On demand 
BRAIN INJURY GROUP Brain TumoursLitigator/Senior Litigator5.5 03/03/2020Manchester
Brain Injury - Medical FundamentalsLitigator/Senior Litigator529/10/2019London
Capacity, the Internet and Social MediaLitigator/Senior Litigator507/06/2019 to 01/10/2019Bristol, Plymouth, London and Manchester
Clinical Negligence - SepsisLitigator/Senior Litigator524/09/2019London
Rehabilitation following brain injuryLitigator/Senior Litigator5.519/11/2019London
CENTRAL LAW TRAINING LTDCertificate in Clinical NegligenceLitigator5.7509/05/2019 to 02/10/2019London
Certificate in Personal InjuryLitigator11.7514/05/2019 to 11/10/2019London
Damages: Dealing with higher value PI claimsLitigator/SeniorLitigator5.7504/10/2019London
Inquests:A practical guideLitigator/Senior Litigator315/11/2019London
EM SEVEN LIMITEDReclaimed identities: Contemporary practice in personal injury/medical negligenceSenior Litigator/ Fellow4.7519/09/2019Burnley
EXCHANGE CHAMBERSAnnual Personal Injury Seminar 2019All levels5.526/09/2019Manchester
LEGAL FUTURES PUBLISHING LIMITEDPersonal Injury Futures ConferenceAll levels4.7525/09/2019Manchester
LEXISNEXISBrexit, Vnux and Road Traffic Accidents 2019Senior Litigator / Fellow2On demand 
CFA's, funding cost and the portalsSenior Litigator/Fellow2On demandComputer
CFA's, funding costs and the portals Senior Litigator/Fellow2On demand 
Client care: working together, avoiding complaints and what to do when it goes wrongSenior Litigator/ Fellow2On demand 
Clinical Negligence Update : Including fixed costs and new procedureSenior Litigator/ Fellow2On demand 
Employers Liability in 2019Senior Litigator/ Fellow2On demand 
Essential Occupiers liability and public liability cases update Senior Litigator/ Fellow2On demand 
Fundamental Dishonesty in 2019Senior Litigator/Fellow2On demand 
Industrial Disease Claims - including deafness and noise induced hearing lossSenior Litigator/Fellow2On demand 
Part 36 offers and settlement agreements: multiple defendants, problems and solutionsSenior Litigator/ Fellow2On demand 
Personal Injury Yearly Round UpSenior Litigator/Fellow2On demand 
The Claims Portal , protocol and fast track: Including case law and practice updateSenior Litigator/Fellow2On demand 
The latest in whiplash claims: reforms to damages and procedure Senior Litigator/ Fellow2On demand 
The Latest on Industrial Disease 2019Senior Litigator/Fellow2On demand 
Update on damages: including future losses and the revised discount ratesenior litigator/ fellow2On demand 
MBL SEMINARS LTDAccommodation claims in catastrophic injury casesLitigator1.25On demand 
Asbestos Litigation - An UpdateLitigator/Senior Litigator1.25On demand 
Clinical Negligence Update 2018Litigator1.25On demand 
CPR Part 36 - A one hour update for PI LawyersLitigator/SeniorLitigator/Fellow1.2503/09/2019 
CPR Part 36 - How not to get caught outLitigator / Senior Litigator1.25On demand 
CPR Part 36 - The Traps and Twists Unraveled Litigators1.25On demand 
Limitation Act in Industrial Disease Claims - A guide for Personal Injury LawyersLitigator1.2531/10/2019 
Maximizing quantum in cancer claimsLitigators0.75On demand 
Surveillance and covert measures in personal injury claims - The current law and practiceLitigator / Senior Litigator311/09/2019 to 18/09/2019London, Manchester
The Coroner's Regime & Inquests - A Practical ApproachSenior Litigator604/06/2019 to 11/11/2019Birmingham, Leeds, London, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham
Twelfth Annual CPR Review of the Year with Dominic ReganLitigator/Senior Litigator601/10/2019 to 30/10/2019Bristol, Southampton, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and London
Vicarious Liability - Core Principles and New CasesLitigator1On demand 
PEOPILPEOPIL Annual Conference 2019 - Amsterdam Senior Litigator / Fellow12.505/09/2019 to 06/09/2019Amsterdam
PIBAAvoiding being negligent: how to understand and litigate pension loss claimsAll levels117/09/2019London
ST JOHNS CHAMBERSBrain Injury Conference All levels5.507/11/2019Bristol
THE CHILDRENS TRUSTBuilding the future of childhood brain injuryAll levels5.2506/09/2019London
Building the Future of Childhood Brain InjuryAll levels5.2506/09/2019London
THE SOLICITORS GROUPLaw 2019- Personal Injury ConferenceAll levels602/10/2019 to 23/10/2019Birmingham, Manchester, London
Law 2019- Personal Injury ConferenceAll levels625/09/2019Glasgow

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