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Other accredited courses

How to accredit events with APIL

If you are a training provider and wish to accredit your events with APIL, please complete an annual application form which can be found below:

  • Standard annual fee - £150 + VAT
  • Registered charity annual fee - £25 + VAT

Upon approval, you may apply for APIL accreditation on an event by event basis.

By accrediting training offered by other providers, we give APIL members greater choice and flexibility in how they fulfil their training commitments. Accredited members are required to complete a minimum of 16 CPD hours per year. This training must have been approved and accredited by APIL). Accredited training is promoted to APIL members and non-members and you will be able to use the term 'Accredited by APIL Training' at your course and on marketing materials, demonstrating that your training meets APIL's high quality standards.

We offer accreditation on both face-to-face and distance learning events. Training courses and conferences may be repeated in different locations and you only need to accredit each series once*. You will need to complete the event application and include the fee of:

  • Face-to-face/virtual events of 3 hours or more - £125 + VAT
  • Face-to-face/virtual events of less than 3 hours - £75 + VAT
  • Distance learning of 2 hours or less - £50 + VAT
  • Charity rate - £25 + VAT (if the event carries more than 6 CPD hours the fee will be £50 + VAT)

From time to time, APIL assessors may attend accredited training courses or a full pack of training materials may be requested, after the event, to monitor objectives against the actual programme. All information can be found in the guidance forms.

*Face-to-face events are accredited for a 6 month period while distance learning events are accredited over a 9 month period.

Accredited events

Members - please note that only the courses listed by these providers are APIL accredited. A number of solicitors’ offices hold APIL in-house accreditation which automatically accredits their personal injury and clinical negligence training. To check if your office is accredited, or for more information about APIL in-house accreditation, please click here.

Course provider
Course type
Course date
Accredited training from the last three years is useful for those wishing to apply for specialist accreditations
ProviderCourse titleTarget audienceCPD hoursDatesOn-demandLocations
12 KINGS BENCH WALKAnnual Asbestos SeminarSenior Litigator/Fellow3.510/11/2021Online
Annual Conference 2022Senior Litigator / Fellow3.519/05/2022 London
Annual PI Webinar Day 2021 Session 1: Motor Insurance and Indemnity UpdateSenior Litigator/Fellow0.7518/11/2021Online
Annual PI Webinar Day 2021 Session 10: Personal injury damages in the employment context: Claims for bullying, harassment and assaultSenior Litigator/Fellow0.7518/11/2021Online
Annual PI Webinar Day 2021 Session 11: Fatal accident claim: how have they changed in the last 12monthsSenior Litigator/Fellow0.7518/11/2021Online
Annual PI Webinar Day 2021 Session 12: Clinical negligence: update on duty of careSenior Litigator/Fellow0.7518/11/2021Online
Annual PI Webinar Day 2021 Session 13: Costs – Top Tips for PI LitigatorsSenior Litigator/Fellow0.7518/11/2021Online
Annual PI Webinar Day 2021 Session 14: Painful medico-legal issues in Chronic Pain and CRPS & how to deal with themSenior Litigator/Fellow0.7518/11/2021Online
Annual PI Webinar Day 2021 Session 2: Deputyship Damages & Financial Capacity – a very expensive afterthought?Senior Litigator/Fellow0.7518/11/2021Online
Annual PI Webinar Day 2021 Session 3: Personal injury claims in the post-Brexit WorldSenior Litigator/Fellow0.7518/11/2021Online
Annual PI Webinar Day 2021 Session 4: PI and Emerging Technology: E-scooters, Driverless Cars and DronesSenior Litigator/Fellow0.7518/11/2021Online
Annual PI Webinar Day 2021 Session 5 You're barred: a review of the current judicial thinkingSenior Litigator/Fellow0.7518/11/2021Online
Annual PI Webinar Day 2021 Session 6: FraudSenior Litigator/Fellow0.7518/11/2021Online
Annual PI Webinar Day 2021 Session 7: Liability for breach of statutory duty – Where are we now?Senior Litigator/Fellow0.7518/11/2021Online
Annual PI Webinar Day 2021 Session 8: Occupier’s Liability – How Not to Slip in Litigation:Senior Litigator/Fellow0.7518/11/2021Online
Annual PI Webinar Day 2021 Session 9: Contribution: where we are, where we are going, and whySenior Litigator/Fellow0.7518/11/2021Online
Asbestos Webinar DaySenior Litigator / Fellow2.5 04/12/2020Online
Aviation Law WebinarSenior Litigator/Fellow211/11/2021Online
Clinical Negligence Head to Toe Series: The HeartSenior Litigator / Fellow127/05/2021Online
Clinical Negligence Head to Toe Series: The Lower LimbSenior Litigator / Fellow108/07/2021Online
Clinical Negligence Head to Toe Series: The MindSenior Litigator / Fellow113/04/2021Online
Clinical Negligence Head to Toe Series: The Reproductive SystemSenior Litigator / Fellow116/06/2021Online
Clinical Negligence Head to Toe series: The SpineSenior Litigator / Fellow111/05/2021Online
Clinical Negligence: Law & practice - Breach of dutySenior Litigator/Fellow108/03/2022Online
Clinical Negligence: Law & practice - Building a successful caseSenior Litigator/Fellow131/05/2022Online
Clinical Negligence: Law & practice - CausationSenior Litigator/Fellow120/04/2022  
Clinical Negligence: Law & practice - Consent Senior Litigator/Fellow115/02/2022Online
Clinical Negligence: Law & practice - Experts and how to make the most out of themSenior Litigator/Fellow124/02/2022Online
Clinical Negligence: Law & practice - Fatal CasesSenior Litigator/Fellow120/06/2022Online
Clinical Negligence: Law & practice - Protected partiesSenior Litigator/Fellow104/05/2022Online
Clinical Negligence: Law & practice - QuantumSenior Litigator/Fellow111/05/2022Online
Imaging Advancements in Brain InjurySenior Litigator / Fellow130/06/2021Online
Industrial Disease Afternoon WebinarSenior Litigator / Fellow423/06/2021Online
Military Law SeminarSenior Litigator/Fellow3.501/03/2022 London
Sports Law SeminarSenior Litigator/Fellow410/05/2022 Surrey
7 BR Skeleton Series 2021 Midwifery & Obstetric injuriesLitigator / Senior Litigator220/05/2021Online
Skeleton Series 2021 Assessing brain injury as a neuropsychologistLitigator / Senior Litigator213/05/2021Online
Skeleton Series 2021 Oncology & Life expectancy Litigator / Senior Litigator227/05/2021Online
Skeleton Series 2021 Vaccination and Covid immunisationLitigator / Senior Litigator206/05/2021Online
Swift v Carpenter: The inside story Litigator/Senior Litigator129/10/2020Online
Week five Obstectrics & GynaecologyAll levels226/05/2022London & online
Week four Neurosurgery & NeurologyAll levels219/05/2022London & online
Week one Paediatric Emergencies, Adult A&E and Trauma IssuesAll levels228/04/2022London & online
Week three Neuropsychology & NeuropsychiatryAll levels212/05/2022London & online
Week two Vaccines: The way out of the pandemicAll levels205/05/2022London & online
9 GOUGH CHAMBERSOgden 8 and Personal Injury Legal UpdateAll levels105/11/2020Online
Video surveillance in PI claims and the criminal compensation schemeAll levels125/11/2020Online
ABI SOLUTIONSExcellence in community neurorehabilitationSenior Litigator / Fellow6.520/05/2021Online
Improving rehab outcomes - Is food and nutrition the missing link?Litigator / Senior Litigator103/05/2021Online
Medicolegal Assessment of Neurpsychological Behavioural Functions Avoiding Trial & ErrorAll levels230/03/2022Online
Neuropsychological Assessment and Management of People in States of Reduced Consciousness and Locked-In-SyndromeLitigator / Senior Litigator2.523/02/2021Online
Neuropsychological Rehabilitation for people with non progressive Brain Injury Litigator/Senior Litigator3.528/01/2021Online
Rehabilitation for Disorders of Executive FunctioningLitigator / Senior Litigator523/02/2021Online
Seeing is Believing - Revisited Fellow324/05/2021Online
TechCon 2021All levels5.509/06/2021Online
Where innovation meets evidence: The cutting edge of Neurologic Music Therapy and evidence based practice in Clinical settingsLitigator/Senior Litigator5.524/03/2022 Westminister
Whose life is it anyway? Supporting effective brain injury rehabilitation in the communityAll levels5.523/05/2022 London
ARAG PLCRoundtable: What's next for clinical negligence? Litigator/Senior Litigator/ Fellow1.503/02/2021Online
The Covid aftermath - Implications for clinical negligence and ATELitigator / Senior Litigator 1.506/10/2021Online
AVMA394 - Court of ProtectionLitigator / Senior Litigator 4.7530/09/2021 Leeds
399 - Medico Legal issues in the care of the older people Litigator/Senior Litigator5.1521/10/2020 to 22/10/2020Online
407 – Clinical Negligence: Law Practice and ProcedureLitigator13.2528/01/2021Online
419 - Medico-legal issues in DiabetesAll levels5.2515/12/2021 London
421 - Clinical Negligence: Law Practice and ProcedureLitigator / Senior Litigator13 12/05/2022 to 13/05/2022 Birmingham
ACNC 2021 - Day 1All levels329/04/2021Online
ACNC 2021 - Day 2All levels330/04/2021Online
Anesthesia: Medico-legal issues arisingAll levels108/09/2021Online
Dermatology for LawyersAll levels109/12/2021Online
Essential Medicine for LawyersLitigator / Senior Litigator730/06/2021 to 01/07/2021Online
Injury pain and anxiety All levels119/05/2021Online
Laparoscopic SurgeryAll levels124/06/2021Online
Laparoscopic SurgeryAll levels124/06/2021Online
Litigation in cardiology All levels110/02/2022Online
Mediation in Clinical Negligence Cases All levels104/03/2021Online
Medico-Legal Issues in Perinatal Psychiatric InjurySenior Litigator / Fellow125/11/2020Online
Neonatal Cooling: Medico - Legal issues arising All levels106/05/2021Online
Respiratory MedicineAll levels117/06/2021Online
Respiratory MedicineAll levels117/06/2021Online
The 32nd Annual Clinical Negligence ConferenceAll levels10.2524/03/2022 to 25/03/2022 Leeds
Uro-Cancer: Medico-Legal Issues ArisingAll levels127/11/2020Online
BRAIN INJURY GROUP Clinical negligence – legal update Litigator/Senior Litigator110/03/2021Online
6 part story methodSenior Litigator/Fellow128/03/2022Online
Accident reconstruction Litigator/Senior Litigator127/04/2021Online
Adult Brain InjuriesLitigator / Senior Litigator509/11/2021 Milton Keynes
Adult Brain Injury Day 2022Litigator / Senior Litigator528/09/2022 Milton Keynes
Assessing capacity and involving P in decision makingLitigator / Senior Litigator127/07/2021Online
Assistive technologyLitigator / Senior litigator109/10/2020Online
Behavioural issuesLitigator / Senior Litigator122/06/2021Online
Brain Injuries and Financial MattersLitigator / Senior Litigator105/11/2020Online
Brain Injury and Mental Health (Men)Litigator / Senior Litigator 123/11/2021Online
Care and support for brain injured clientsAll levels110/05/2021Online
Cerebral Palsy Claims All levels5.2503/03/2022 Milton Keynes
Child Brain InjuriesLitigator / Senior Litigator505/10/2021 Milton Keynes
Choosing the right case managerAll levels126/06/2022Online
Communication and assessing mental capacityLitigator / Senior Litigator122/10/2020Online
Continuing healthcare for funding for childrenLitigator / Senior Litigator120/07/2021Online
Court of Protection Costs MasterclassLitigator/Senior Litigator116/11/2021Online
Court of Protection Legal UpdateLitigator / Senior Litigator113/10/2020Online
Deprivation of liberty for adultsLitigator / Senior Litigator105/07/2021Online
Disputes over rehabilitation, past care and case management costsLitigator / Senior Litigator 108/10/2021Online
Does the client lack capacity?Litigator / Senior Litigator127/09/2022 Online
E- Scooters and delivery workers: An introduction for personal injury lawyersLitigator/Senior Litigator109/09/2021Online
Engaging with Brain Injured clients Litigator / Senior Litigator124/11/2020Online
Essential legal updateSenior Litigator/Fellow107/03/2022Online
Forensic accounting - claims for the self employedLitigator / Senior Litigator128/09/2021Online
Frontal Lobe InjuriesLitigator/Senior Litigator129/10/2020Online
Frontal lobe paradox Litigator/Senior Litigator113/04/2021Online
How case managers with an OT background ensure excellent clinical outcomesLitigator / Senior Litigator110/12/2020Online
How is Google assisting those with BI Litigator/Senior Litigator109/02/2021Online
Interim paymentsLitigator / Senior Litigator108/06/2021Online
Legal consequences of a reduced life expectancyLitigator / Senior Litigator108/02/2022Online
Legal update on secondary victim claimsLitigator / Senior litigator101/10/2020Online
Managing a care teamAll levels129/11/2022 Online
Managing ongoing welfare decisionsLitigator / Senior Litigator118/05/2021Online
MIBLitigator/Senior Litigator109/11/2020Online
Neuro-imaging in 2021 Litigator/Senior Litigator1.7523/03/2021Online
NHS continuing healthcare fundingLitigator / Senior Litigator101/12/2020Online
NHS continuing healthcare funding for brain injury clientsLitigator / Senior Litigator119/02/2021Online
Nutrition and ABIAll levels126/04/2022Online
Poor outcomes following mild traumatic brain injury Litigator/Senior Litigator123/02/2021Online
Post traumatic growthLitigator / Senior Litigator125/05/2021Online
Potential pitfalls when working with a case manager Litigator/Senior Litigator126/01/2021Online
PPO'sLitigator / Senior Litigator111/01/2022Online
Protecting benefits with PI TrustsLitigator / Senior Litigator105/04/2022Online
Putting the 'fundamental' into fundamental dishonestyLitigator / Senior Litigator105/07/2022 Online
Rehabilitation following brain injury 2022Litigator / Senior Litigator 628/06/2022 Milton Keynes
Remote rehabiliation - the perils and pitfallsLitigator / Senior Litigator 102/11/2021Online
SEND reformsLitigator/Senior Litigator101/01/2021Online
Sexuality after traumatic brain injurySenior Litigator/Fellow1.7523/02/2022Online
Song writing in music therapySenior Litigator/Fellow124/01/2022Online
Supporting families entering into Independent Living TrialsLitigator / Senior Litigator122/03/2022Online
SurveillanceLitigator/Senior Litigator110/05/2022Online
The role of a case manager in the litigation processLitigator / Senior Litigator115/06/2021Online
The successful presentation of catastrophic injury claims Litigator/Senior Litigator116/11/2020Online
Trauma and PTSDAll levels104/10/2022 Online
Understanding mild traumatic brain injuries and seriousnessLitigator / Senior Litigator108/12/2020Online
Vocational rehabilitationAll levels113/09/2022 Online
BYROM STREET CHAMBERSCovid and inquests: An overview and evolving issuesLitigator/Senior Litigator127/04/2021Online
Fatal Accident Claims: the Position of Dependants Under a Disability and Protected BeneficiariesLitigator / Senior Litigator123/02/2021Online
Practical tips in Fatal Accidents Act casesLitigator / Senior Litigator130/06/2022 Online
Quantifying claims with pre-existing conditions and vulnerabilitiesLitigator / Senior Litigator120/05/2021Online
Quantifying claims with pre-existing conditions and vulnerabilitiesLitigator / Senior Litigator120/05/2021Online
Working with the official solicitorAll levels122/03/2022Online
CEDR & TRUST MEDIATION IN ASSCTN W. NHS RESOLUTIONGetting it right for the Claimant and the TrustAll627/09/2021 to 28/09/2021 Online event
CHASE DE VERE IFA GROUP PLCFinancial Issues for Brain Injured ClientsSenior Litigator / Fellow101/07/2021Online
Personal Injury TrustsSenior Litigator / Fellow112/07/2021Online
PPO’s and the role of the expert witnessSenior Litigator / Fellow101/07/2021Online
Welfare Benefit UpdateSenior Litigator / Fellow101/07/2021Online
EMG SOLICITORS LIMITEDManaging and improving your catastrophic caseloadSenior Litigator/Fellow510/05/2022 Leeds
Managing and improving your catastrophic injury caseloadLitigator / Senior Litigator511/05/2021Online
EXCHANGE CHAMBERSAccessing family therapy in brain injury casesSenior Litigator/Fellow104/02/2021Online
Bill Braithwaite QC - Catastrophic Brain InjuryLitigator / Senior Litigator117/06/2021Online
Can we do brain injury rehab better?Litigator / Senior Litigator128/05/2021Online
Chris Allen - Future Loss of Earnings - RevisitedLitigator / Senior Litigator117/06/2021Online
Chris Barnes - Preparing the Perfect Electronic Bundle (with Adobe)Litigator / Senior Litigator0.518/06/2021Online
Chris Barnes and Rachel Webster - The Sources of CompensationLitigator / Senior Litigator116/06/2021Online
Chris Gutteridge - Schedules of LossLitigator / Senior Litigator115/06/2021Online
Chris Richards - Defence Against the Dark Arts: Protecting your client from allegations of fundamental dishonestyLitigator / Senior Litigator116/06/2021Online
Christian Taylor - Death and Personal Injury ClaimsLitigator / Senior Litigator115/06/2021Online
Clinical Negligence Webinar 2021 Bill Braithwaite QC - Top Tips in Clinical Negligence CasesLitigator / Senior Litigator 117/11/2021Online
Clinical Negligence Webinar 2021 Chris Barnes - Periodical Payments, Statutory Funding and the Reverse IndemnityLitigator / Senior Litigator 119/11/2021Online
Clinical Negligence Webinar 2021 Chris Gutteridge and Dr Jonathan Lieberman (General Practitioner) - How and Why GPs Miss Red Flags:Litigator / Senior Litigator 118/11/2021Online
Clinical Negligence Webinar 2021 David Knifton QC and Chris Gutteridge - Anaesthetic NegligenceLitigator / Senior Litigator 117/11/2021Online
Clinical Negligence Webinar 2021 David Knifton QC and Dr Kevin Naylor - Claims Arising Out of Delay in Diagnosing CancerLitigator / Senior Litigator 118/11/2021Online
Clinical Negligence Webinar 2021 David Sandiford - Inquests into Deaths Arising from Sub-Standard Medical Treatment or CareLitigator / Senior Litigator 119/11/2021Online
Clinical Negligence Webinar 2021 Dr Kevin Naylor - Claims Against GPs and the Primary Healthcare TeamLitigator / Senior Litigator 117/11/2021Online
Clinical Negligence Webinar 2021 Gerard Martin QC - Getting the Best Out of Your ExpertLitigator / Senior Litigator 118/11/2021Online
Clinical Negligence Webinar 2021 Matthew Stockwell - Patient Fault and Contributory Negligence in Clinical NegligenceLitigator / Senior Litigator 118/11/2021Online
Clinical Negligence Webinar 2021 Paul Kirtley and Chris Allen - Interim PaymentsLitigator / Senior Litigator 117/11/2021Online
Clinical Negligence Webinar 2021 Richard Wilcock and Christian Taylor - Current Costs Issues in Clinical Negligence CasesLitigator / Senior Litigator 119/11/2021Online
Clinical Negligence Webinar 2021 Sara Sutherland and Helen Rutherford - Fundamental DishonestyLitigator / Senior Litigator 119/11/2021Online
David Knifton QC - Claims for Psychiatric InjuryLitigator / Senior Litigator118/06/2021Online
David McCormick - QOCS and Multiple Defendants “I should win against one of them”. But at what cost?Litigator / Senior Litigator116/06/2021Online
Gerard Martin QC - Can we do brain injury rehab better? A lawyer’s perspectiveLitigator / Senior Litigator115/06/2021Online
Helen Rutherford - Credit Hire in Personal Injury CasesLitigator / Senior Litigator116/06/2021Online
Lee Speakman - Liability UpdateLitigator / Senior Litigator117/06/2021Online
Matthew Stockwell - Effective Case Management and Cost Budgeting in Brain Injury Cases: An update and practical tipsLitigator / Senior Litigator118/06/2021Online
Paul Kirtley and Alex Williams - Interim Payments: Still a slippery issue?Litigator / Senior Litigator117/06/2021Online
Paul Kirtley and James Kinsey - Motor Vehicle Insurers: How do you pin them down?Litigator / Senior Litigator117/06/2021Online
Rebecca Clark - Court of Protection from a Personal Injury PerspectiveLitigator / Senior Litigator115/06/2021Online
Sara Sutherland - InquestsLitigator / Senior Litigator115/06/2021Online
Will Waldron QC - Housing Claims after SwiftLitigator / Senior Litigator116/06/2021Online
FRENKEL TOPPING GROUP Trusts for minorsAll levels101/01/2022 to 30/06/2022  
Avoiding professional negligenceAll levels101/01/2022 to 30/06/2022  
Avoiding professional negligenceAll levels101/07/2021 to 31/12/2021Online
Avoiding professional negligenceAll levels101/01/2021 to 30/06/2021Online
Court of protection and the OPGAll levels101/01/2021 to 30/06/2021Online
Court of protection and the OPGAll levels101/07/2021 to 31/12/2021Online
Court of protection and the OPGAll levels101/01/2022 to 30/06/2022  
Deputy DayAll levels605/10/2021  
Deputy Day 2022All levels608/11/2022  
Financial implications for vulnerable clientsAll levels101/01/2022 to 30/06/2022  
Financial implications for vulnerable clientsAll levels101/07/2021 to 31/12/2021Online
Financial implications for vulnerable clientsAll levels101/01/2021 to 30/06/2021Online
Later life and the impact of the Care ActAll levels101/01/2021 to 30/06/2021Online
Later life and the impact of the Care ActAll levels101/07/2021 to 31/12/2021Online
Later life and the impact of the care actAll levels101/01/2022 to 30/06/2022Online
Loss of earningsAll levels101/01/2022 to 30/06/2022  
Loss of EarningsAll levels101/07/2021 to 31/12/2021Online
Loss of EarningsLitigator / Senior Litigator101/01/2021 to 30/06/2021Online
Part 36 Offers All levels101/07/2021 to 31/12/2021Online
Pension lossAll levels101/07/2021 to 31/12/2021Online
Pension lossAll levels101/01/2022 to 30/06/2022  
Pension LossAll levels0.7501/01/2021 to 30/06/2021Online
Periodic payments (PPOS)All levels101/01/2022 to 30/06/2022  
Periodic payments (PPOS)All levels101/07/2021 to 31/12/2021Online
Personal Injury TrustsAll levels101/07/2021 to 31/12/2021Online
PI TrustsAll levels101/01/2022 to 30/06/2022  
PI TrustsAll levels101/01/2021 to 30/06/2021Online
PPOSAll levels101/01/2021 to 30/06/2021Online
Tax and Benefit planning All levels101/01/2021 to 30/06/2021Online
Tax and Benefit planning All levels101/01/2022 to 30/06/2022  
Tax and Benefit planning All levels101/07/2021 to 31/12/2021Online
The way forward, shape of things to comeAll levels101/07/2021 to 31/12/2021Online
The way forward, shape of things to comeAll levels128/04/2021Online
Trusts for MinorsAll levels101/01/2021 to 30/06/2021Online
Trusts for minorsAll levels101/07/2021 to 31/12/2021Online
Welfare benefitsAll levels101/07/2021 to 31/12/2021Online
Welfare benefitsAll levels101/01/2022 to 30/06/2022  
Welfare benefitsAll levels0.7501/01/2021 to 30/06/2021Online
HAILSHAM CHAMBERSHow to get the most from your ExpertLitigator / Senior Litigator126/04/2021Online
INSPIRE MEDILAWMedico Legal issues in cardiology and respiratory medicineAll levels5.2511/10/2021 Edinburgh
Medico legal issues in cardiovascular surgery and medicine All levels5.502/10/2020Online
KJD COMMUNICATIONS LTD Cambridge Annual Medico-Legal ConferenceAll levels5.2524/09/2021  
LAW SOCIETY OF NORTHERN IRELANDAnti Money Laundering Session 1  113/04/2021Online
Anti Money Laundering Session 2 121/10/2021Online
Business support measures for firms 110/02/2021Online
Investing for Vulnerable individuals  116/12/2021Online
The Personal Injury Discount Rate in Northern Ireland 111/11/2021Online
LAWNET LTDPart 36 & Damages Case Law UpdateLitigator / Senior Litigator123/03/2021Online
Personal Injury - Topical IssuesLitigator/Senior Litigator105/10/2020Online
LEXISNEXISAccidents Abroad – EU cases in a post-Brexit era and claims in North America: some common pitfallsSenior Litigator/Fellow217/06/2022Online
Brexit - Accidents and RTA (2021)Senior Litigator/Fellow203/12/2021Online
Fatal Accidents 2021Senior Litigator/Fellow206/10/2021Online
Personal Injury - End of year round up 2020Senior Litigator / Fellow219/01/2021Online
Personal Injury - Product liability and Brexit 2020Senior Litigator / Fellow212/02/2021Online
Personal Injury - Update on damages 2020Senior Litigator / Fellow222/01/2021Online
Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence - End of Year Round-Up 2021Senior Litigator/Fellow210/12/2021Online
Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence: Brexit update (2021)Senior Litigator/Fellow210/12/2021Online
Procedural CPR Update 2021Senior Litigator/Fellow221/10/2021  
Serious injury case law update (2022)Senior Litigator/Fellow217/06/2022Online
Ten things that you need to know about Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims (2022). Senior Litigator/Fellow215/01/2022Online
Whiplash Reforms (RTA) 2021Senior Litigator/Fellow225/11/2021Online
LIVERPOOL LAW SOCIETY2021 Costs ConferenceLitigator / Senior Litigator4.510/03/2021Online
2022 Costs ConferenceLitigator / Senior Litigator509/03/2022 Liverpool
Personal Injury Conference 2021Litigator / Senior Litigator 4.7501/12/2021Online
MBL SEMINARS LTDAccidents in the Construction Industry - A Guide for Claimant Personal Injury Lawyers - Learn LiveLitigator/Senior Litigator313/09/2021Online
Accommodation Claims - The key issues for personal injury lawyersLitigator / Senior Litigator222/02/2022Online
Amputation Claims - Tips, tricks and tactics for PI lawyersLitigator / Senior litigator227/10/2020Online
Article 2 inquests with Leslie ThomasLitigator / Senior Litigator102/03/2022Online
Asbestos Divisible Disease ClaimsLitigator / Senior Litigator125/08/2021Online
Asbestos Litigation - Where are we now?Litigator / Senior Litigator127/07/2021Online
Beauty treatment claims - Practical tips and challengesLitigator / Senior Litigator1.2530/05/2022Online
Bladder and bowel injury claims - The complexities and case lawLitigator / Senior Litigator1.2525/05/2022Online
Brain Injury Claims - a guide for personal injury lawyers - learn liveLitigator / Senior Litigator215/08/2022 Online
Civil Litigation Costs 2021 update with Dominic ReganLitigator / Senior Litigator1.2526/04/2021Online
Clinical negligence - A box set of 6 essential modulesLitigator / Senior Litigator308/07/2022 Online
Costs 2020Litigator / Senior Litigator502/12/2020Online
Dependency Claims under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 - The Key Developments - WebinarLitigator / Senior Litigator1.2524/05/2022Online
Expert witnesses liability for costs - An update for personal injury lawyers - Learn liveSenior Litigator/ Fellow1.516/09/2022 Online
Fourteenth Annual CPR Review of the Year with Dominic Regan - Live at Your DeskLitigator / Senior Litigator530/11/2021Online
Inquests - What’s new for 2021Litigator 1.2521/05/2021Online
Inquests - What's new for 2022?Litigator / Senior Litigator101/06/2022Online
Inquests and the coroners court - Procedure, preparation and presentationLitigator616/06/2022 to 17/06/2022Online
Secondary Victim Claims in Psychiatric Injury - Practical Tips & Caselaw Litigator / Senior Litigator108/02/2022Online
The Coroners regime and inquestsLitigator / Senior Litigator5.7517/06/2022Online
Thirteenth Annual CPR Review of the Year with Dominic Regan - Live at Your Desk – Learn LiveLitigator / Senior Litigator4.7530/10/2020Online
MERSEYSIDE ASBESTOS VICTIMS SUPPORT GROUPAsbestos & The Law ConferenceSenior Litigator/Fellow625/03/2022 Liverpool
NO5 BARRISTERS CHAMBERSMaximising serious injury care claims: A practical approach to Reaney and other issuesSenior Litigator / Fellow106/04/2021Online
Pregnancy Mishaps: From conception to birth and beyondSenior Litigator / Fellow218/03/2021Online
PEOPILPEOPIL - Annual Conference 2021Senior Litigator/Fellow9.2515/10/2021 to 16/10/2021 Malaga
PIBA2021 London Winter ConferenceAll levels3.520/11/2021 London
2021 Northern Circuit ConferenceAll levels4.504/12/2021 Haydock Racecourse
Annual Conference 2022All levels001/04/2022 to 03/04/2022 Oxford
ROPEWALK CHAMBERSAnimals Act: The Ford EffectLitigator / Senior Litigator116/03/2022Online
Care and Case ManagementSenior Litigator / Fellow121/07/2021Online
Clean air and tort lawAll levels110/03/2021Online
Disclosure: Duties, Pitfalls and consequencesLitigator / Senior Litigator106/04/2022Online
Employers liability for work related stress in the Covid-19 eraSenior Litigator / Fellow124/03/2021Online
From Cradle to Grave Maximising Costs RecoverySenior Litigator / Fellow128/07/2021Online
Liability Update: The key cases on personal injury liabiltiy from 2021Litigator / Senior Litigator113/04/2022Online
Lower Limb Amputation ClaimsSenior Litigator / Fellow107/07/2021Online
Proximity in time & relationship: recent developments relating to claims by secondary victimsSenior Litigator / Fellow131/03/2021Online
Quantum Update in Serious Injury CasesSenior Litigator / Fellow130/06/2021Online
Road accident reconstruction Litigator / Senior Litigator130/03/2022Online
Slipping and tripping in premises and on the highwayLitigator / Senior Litigator116/03/2022Online
Spinal Cord InjurySenior Litigator / Fellow114/07/2021Online
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