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Other accredited courses

How to accredit events with APIL

If you are a training provider and wish to accredit your events with APIL, please complete an annual application form which can be found below:

  • Standard annual fee - £150 + VAT
  • Registered charity annual fee - £25 + VAT

Upon approval, you may apply for APIL accreditation on an event by event basis.

By accrediting training offered by other providers, we give APIL members greater choice and flexibility in how they fulfil their training commitments. Accredited members are required to complete a minimum of 16 CPD hours per year. This training must have been approved and accredited by APIL). Accredited training is promoted to APIL members and non-members and you will be able to use the term 'Accredited by APIL Training' at your course and on marketing materials, demonstrating that your training meets APIL's high quality standards.

We offer accreditation on both face-to-face and distance learning events. Training courses and conferences may be repeated in different locations and you only need to accredit each series once*. You will need to complete the event application and include the fee of:

  • Face-to-face 3 hours or more - £125 + VAT
  • Face-to-face less than 3 hours - £75 + VAT
  • Distance learning - £50 + VAT
  • Charity rate - £25 + VAT (if the event carries more than 6 CPD hours the fee will be £50 + VAT)

From time to time, APIL assessors may attend accredited training courses or a full pack of training materials may be requested, after the event, to monitor objectives against the actual programme. All information can be found in the guidance forms.

*Face-to-face events are accredited for a 6 month period while distance learning events are accredited over a 9 month period.

Accredited events

Members - please note that only the courses listed by these providers are APIL accredited. A number of solicitors’ offices hold APIL in-house accreditation which automatically accredits their personal injury and clinical negligence training. To check if your office is accredited, or for more information about APIL in-house accreditation, please click here.

Course provider
Course type
Course date
ProviderCourse titleTarget audienceCPD hoursDatesLocations
12 KINGS BENCH WALKAnnual Asbestos Series 2020 - Part 1 Low dose Senior Litigator/ Fellow0.5On demand 
Annual Asbestos Series 2020 - Part 3 Witham and Fatal ClaimsSenior Litigator / Fellow0.5On demand 
Annual Asbestos Series 2020 - Part 4 Immunotherapy Senior Litigator / Fellow0.5On demand 
Annual Asbestos Series 2020- Part 2 Exposure in schoolsSenior Litigator / Fellow0.5On demand 
AVMAACNC 2020All levels3On demand 
Costs Update All levels1On demand 
Factual causation and the counterfactual: statistical specificity or a broad judgment, which is rightAll levels1On demand 
Medico legal issues in OpthalmologyAll levels1On demand 
Medico Legal Issues in SurgeryLitigator / Senior Litigator6.5On demand 
BRAIN INJURY GROUPAssistive technologyLitigator / Senior litigator109/10/2020 
Brain Injuries and Financial MattersLitigator / Senior Litigator105/11/2020 
Cerebral Palsy Claims - QuantumLitigator/Senior Litigator518/11/2020London
Child Brain InjuriesLitigator/Senior Litigator5.2503/03/2021London
CICA claims for a brain injuryLitigator / senior litigator1On demand 
Communication and assessing mental capacityLitigator / Senior Litigator122/10/2020 
Court of ProtectionLitigator/Senior Litigator5.504/02/2020 to 06/10/2020London, Bristol
Court of protection costs updateLitigator / Senior litigator124/09/2020 
Court of Protection Legal UpdateLitigator / Senior Litigator113/10/2020 
Education following a brain injuryLitigator / senior litigator1On demand 
Essential Legal Updatelitigator / senior litigator1On demand 
Frontal Lobe InjuriesLitigator/Senior Litigator129/10/2020 
Housing adaptationsLitigator / Senior litigator1On demand 
Improving rehab outcomes - Is nutrition the missing link?Litigator / Senior litigator1On demand 
Legal update on secondary victim claimsLitigator / Senior litigator101/10/2020 
Mental capacity and best interests decision makingLitigator / senior litigator1On demand 
MIBLitigator/Senior Litigator109/11/2020 
Neuro psychological testingLitigator / senior litigator1On demand 
Ogden table for brain injury lawyersLitigator / Senior Litigator1On demand 
Qualified one way cost shiftingLitigator / senior litigator1On demand 
Speech and language therapy in the 21st centuryLitigator / Senior litigator1On demand 
The successful presentation of catastrophic injury claims Litigator/Senior Litigator116/11/2020 
Welfare benefits updateLitigator / senior litigator1On demand 
LAWNET LTDPersonal Injury - Topical IssuesLitigator/Senior Litigator105/10/2020 
LEXISNEXISA practical guide to accidents abroad 2019Senior Litigator/Fellow2On demand 
Clinical Negligence Update 2019Senior Litigator/Fellow2On demand 
Employment and vicarious liability (2020)Senior Litigator / Fellow2On demand 
Industrial Disease (2020)Senior Litigator / Fellow2On demand 
Personal Injury - Fundamental Dishonesty 2020Senior Litigator/Fellow2On demand 
Procedural CPR Update (2020)Senior Litigator / Fellow2On demand 
Road traffic accidents: case law update (2020)Senior Litigator / Fellow2On demand 
Serious Injury: Case law update (2020)Senior Litigator / Fellow2On demand 
LIVERPOOL LAW SOCIETY2020 Personal Injury ConferenceLitigator/Senior Litigator5.2509/12/2020Liverpool
MBL SEMINARS LTD2020 Personal Injury Update - Live with Jeff Zindani - Learn LiveLitigator/Senior Litigator3On demand 
A guide to ophthalmic claims for clinical negligenceLitigator/Senior Litigator1On demand 
An introduction to the RTA claims portal with Nicky Carter - Learn LiveLitigator/Senior Litigator3On demand 
An Introductory Guide to Still Birth ClaimsLitigator/Senior Litigator1On demand 
Asbestos Litigation - What's new?litigator / senior litigator1On demand 
Limitation Act in Industrial Disease Claims - A guide for Personal Injury LawyersLitigator1.25On demand 
Standards & Regulations - SRA Accounts Rules and Compliance Conundums Uncovered - WebinarLitigator/Senior Litigator1.25On demand 
WESTCOUNTRY CASE MANAGEMENT LTDCase Management for Brain Injured Individuals Litigator / Senior litigator2On demand