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Recommend an expert

For every new expert that you recommend, that takes up a subscription within 6 months of your recommendation, you will receive £25 + VAT (£30) off* when booking on an APIL full-day course.

Inclusion within the expert witness database is an excellent opportunity for experts to assist thousands of like minded APIL members nationwide.

Recommend an expert

APIL members have the facility to search our comprehensive database online at or make requests through the APIL office via our bespoke service. The search results show information about the expert, which can include CV, web and email addresses so that members can contact experts directly. Approximately 1,100 expert database searches are being made each month online alone.

In an effort to expand the choice of experts within our expert witness database and widen the categories still further, we are asking for your support in recommending an expert for inclusion as part of the service.

Recommend an expert

The expert subscription runs for 12 months from the date of joining and the income that is generated supports APIL’s services and enables us to do more.

Please therefore take a few minutes to consider if there is an expert you would like to recommend and we will do the rest...

Details of expert to recommend
Name and title
Contact details

Or download the form as PDF

*NB: There is no cash alternative to this discount. Only one discount can be used per full day course.

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