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Injury lawyer - Injury lawyer details for Philip Scarles

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About Philip Scarles

I am a personal injury solicitor specialising in life-changing injuries. For over 30 years, I have been helping injured persons and their relatives pursue personal injury and fatal accident claims. I am based in Sevenoaks, Kent, but work throughout England and Wales. I am happy to take over ongoing cases where a client has become disatisfied with the way their case is progressing.

Chambers Legal Directory 2016 “Philip Scarles of McMillan Williams is an "extremely knowledgeable" and "incredibly diligent" personal injury lawyer who maintains a broad practice acting for claimants who have suffered a wide range of serious injuries. Sources highlight his "really great attention to detail" as a particular strength.”

What my Clients have said: 

"If you are ever unfortunate enough to have a motorcycle accident and need someone to handle your case, I cannot recommend Philip Scarles of MW Solicitors highly enough. I live nowhere near their offices, but Mr Scarles handled my case expertly and in exacting detail. The help and professionalism has been exemplary even tho my case has taken years to get to resolution, Mr Scarles has put my needs at the forefront of the case. The barristers even complimented him on his expertly composed case at the pre-trial meeting which led to a good resolution. Excellent and professional service.” Sue Michniewicz (Trustpilot 2 April 2020). 

Our grateful thanks to you for a successful outcome. It has been a long journey and one we are still travelling along. Things can never be as they were, our lives are changed forever. Just wanted to thank you for your efforts in securing M’s future.” Lyn (Client's wife). 

“I was extremely impressed by the meticulous attention I received from Philip Scarles throughout the duration of a difficult personal injuries claim. Communication was excellent during the 3+ years of the case, the advice I received was always clearly presented and the final outcome exceeded my expectations.” Rudy Lacchin (Google review)

"I was unfortunate enough to suffer a motorcycle accident in 2013. To cut a long story short, the original solicitors acting for me were less than meeting my expectations. I changed to McMillan Williams and after meeting a few solicitors I was eventually supported and represented by Philip Scarles. I can say with all sincerity and confidence, that Philip Scarles is a highly professional, courteous and helpful solicitor. He saw my wife and I through a long period of stress and uncertainty. His willingness to listed to and understand our losses directly led to a successful outcome. Many Thanks Philip. I have no hesitation in writing this review and would recommend Philip Scarles to anyone who finds themselves in need of such services.” Paul Birt (Google review).

“I thank Philip Scarles, of MW Solicitors for his incredibly hard work. I found Philip to be a diligent, methodical and personable solicitor. He worked tirelessly on my personal injury claim where we managed to reach an amicable settlement with the opposing party, the settlement amount we managed to gain far exceeded the amount I had initially thought I could get. He was not only professional but also an ease to work with and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him for any personal injury claim!” Chim Noov (Google review).

“Further to receiving the final balance of funds for our personal injury claim following our motorbike accident, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work on our behalf over these last few years. It is without question that because of your guidance, attention to detail and tenacity, you secured the funds you did on our behalf.  The panel of experts you chose to document and report the full extent of injuries, both short and long term, are a complement to your expertise in this field. Although at many a time we would have given up and we didn't always see eye to eye, you were able to advise us and keep us focused on the long term future following our accident, we would without doubt recommend you to any family or friends who may find themselves in a similar unfortunate situation. The words "thank you" cannot express our gratitude enough but they are heartfelt words - thank you Philip.” Client's wife. 

"I gave my case to McMillan, and Mr.Philip Scarles was dealing with my case, he did a fantastic job, always present, good communication. I’ll recommend McMillan Williams sevenoaks, especially Mr.Philip" Nassim Samsom.

What experts have said:

“I have found the case very interesting, as well as challenging, and let it be said, I do believe you did a terrific job in building up the case for your client." Dr Valentine, Pain Expert.

“It has been a pleasure working with you on this very complex case, I think both of us would agree it has been challenging at times.” Ms Kirby, Care Expert.

“I am relieved that matters have reached this [settlement] stage. You have worked so hard on this case.” Mr Price, Consultant Neurosurgeon. 

“Top man. I am so pleased that you have secured such a good settlement for [B]” Mr Goddard, Orthopaedic Expert. 

“May I offer my congratulations on the settlement in such a difficult case.” Dr Johnson, Consultant Neuropsychologist. 

“… did well to strike out the need for this to form part of the Order as the Defendant will find it difficult now to get an underwriter to provide an annuity without any form of medical assessment in the open market and this will simply create a very high cost for them if they have to go down that track.…., it was a pleasure to be involved with you and your colleagues on this case……” Louise Claro, Independent Financial Advisor.

Personal injury cases I have successfully settled include:

B v R: RTA in 2002. My client was motorcycling when he collided with a car. He sustained serious orthopaedic injuries, developed chronic pain, severe PTSD, very severe OCD and severe depression. 13 expert witnesses instructed. The claim settled shortly before trial at £2.05 million lump sum plus periodical payments of £50,000 p.a. for life.

C V MIB: My client was a pedestrian when he was struck by a car, suffering a severe brain injury. He was unable to pursue his career as a university careers education manager and retired due to his injuries. His claim included the loss of chance of achieving promotion to Director of Careers of a University. The claim settled for a £828,000 lump sum and periodical payments of £12,000 p.a. 

S v A: My client was working as an electrician when he was instructed by his employer to undertake a job working at height replacing lighting. He was refused a tower or any support to foot the ladder. When he was at the top of the ladder it slipped and he fell 25 feet onto a concrete floor. He sustained fractures to his wrists, left elbow, left ankle and ribs. He required multiple operations to his elbow and ankle and developed severe psychological conditions. He remained significantly impaired from his left ankle injury and will require an ankle arthrodesis in the future. He was able to return to limited part time work but will probably have to retire completely by 2017. The case settled at a settlement meeting for £632,000.

C v M:  My client was working as a building control surveyor inspecting a premises undergoing refurbishment. Temporary stairs he was ascending collapsed and he fell 20 feet, having a high impact perineal injury on a cantilevered beam. He subsequently developed chronic pain syndrome and PTSD. He resumed part time work office based work but had considerable difficulties with this. The claim settled at a mediation for £623,000.

S v S. My client was motorcycling when he collided with another motorcycle. He sustained a severe lower limb injury, suffered from chronic pain and cognitive impairments. He was left with significant residual disability. His wife was the Defendant which resulted in significant psychological issues for both of them. The claim settled at a settlement meeting for £555,000.

L v W: My client was a financial services professional and amateur cyclist. When cycling he was struck by a coach sustaining a severe brain injury. He was unable to return to work. Primary liability was admitted but contributory negligence was alleged on the basis that he was cycling on a road that was banned for cyclists. The claim settled for £850,000 at a settlement meeting.

S v R: My client was driving when he was in collision with another car. Pre accident, he was a senior local authority manager. He sustained serious orthopaedic injuries which prevented him from returning to work. He suffered a loss of chance of pursuing his local authority career. His claims included loss of earnings, pension and accommodation. The claim settled at a settlement meeting for £940,000.

K v S-L. My client was a front seat passenger in a car in which the driver lost control. He was rendered a C5 tetraplegic. Primary liability was admitted but contributory negligence was alleged on the basis that the Client was not wearing a seatbelt. The evidence as to whether a seatbelt was being worn was conflicting. On the basis that no seatbelt was being worn, expert evidence was served from a spinal surgeon and engineer from both sides. The issue was settled at a joint settlement meeting the week before the liability trial at 98% in the Client’s favour. During the JSM, the Defendant’s offered £5 million as a lump sum settlement. This was rejected as it was proposed to seek periodical payments for the care and case management costs. The claim ultimately settled for a £6.5 million lump sum.

M v W: My client was a motorcyclist who was in collision with a car driver which pulled out from a side road. Liability was not contested. She suffered a serious ankle fracture with significant cosmetic deformity and pain. Her mobility was affected and she was unable to continue commuting into central London to work as a book designer. After several years she underwent a fusion which was not successful, she was then advised to have custom footwear which did help in reducing her pain. She was limited to working from home. The case settled for £500,000. 

Fatal accident cases I have successfully settled include:

W v MIB: A Fatal Accident Act claim for a client who was aged 10 years when her mother died in a road traffic collision. Her late mother was aged 40 at the time of her death and the father was unable to work due to health issues. The claim settled for £262,500.

S v T: A Fatal Accident Act claim for the surviving wife and two children. Both the late husband and wife were working at the time of the accident. The claim settled for £177,000. 

D v M. A Fatal Accident Act claim for the surviving partner, a child from deceased’s former marriage, a child from partner’s former marriage and a child of the deceased and partner. A child from deceased’s former marriage was separately represented. The claim settled at a settlement meeting and thereafter at a fatal approval hearing for £220,000 with specified sums for the infant dependants.


Member of the Law Society’s Personal Injury Accreditation Scheme since 1997.

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