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If you have been an innocent victim of a violent crime, there are three ways in which you can seek compensation. Firstly, you could make a claim again the assailant – though even in a successful case it can be difficult to obtain money from the perpetrator. Secondly, you could make a claim against an employer where the injury occurred in a workplace if the employer could have prevented the crime. Finally you may be able to claim compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), who run a government funded Scheme.

Financial assistance can make a big difference when it comes to getting your life back on track following a criminal injury. To find out more about making a criminal injury claim please speak to one of our accredited lawyers. Only specialist criminal injury lawyers are listed on this page.

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Mr Sam Elsby of DEAN WILSON SOLICITORS LLP in Brighton
Personal injury - Fellow
Ms Frances Pierce of DEAN WILSON SOLICITORS LLP in Brighton
Personal injury - Fellow
Frances Pierce is a solicitor and Head of Department in Dean Wilson LLP Solicitors Personal & Medical Injury Team. She is known for her sympathetic and ethical approach and leaves no stone unturned to achieve maximum damages for her clients. Her work... Read more
Mr Malcolm Horner of J A HANCOCK & CO - TRADING AS MCHALE & CO SOLICITORS in Manchester
Personal injury - Fellow
Personal injury legal practice
Personal injury - Fellow
Jonathan qualified in Liverpool in 1993, cutting his teeth on a caseload of tripping claims against the local council. He joined London firm Bolt Burdon Kemp five years later, becoming a partner in 2003. Formerly head of the personal injury and... Read more
Miss Caitlin Souter of ALLAN MCDOUGALL SOLICITORS in Edinburgh
Personal injury - Senior Litigator
Mr Vijay Kumar of MICHAEL HILL PARTNERSHIP in Leicester
Personal injury - Senior Litigator
Mrs Michelle Hartshorn of MFG SOLICITORS LLP in Bromsgrove
Personal injury - Senior Litigator