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Human rights

The UK Human Rights Act 1998 sets out rights and freedoms, such as the right to a fair trial, the right not to be tortured, the right to privacy and the right to not be discriminated against on grounds of sex, race, colour, language, religion or your political views. All public bodies (such as courts, the police, local governments and hospitals) must comply with your rights under the Human Rights Act.

In general the time limit for bringing a personal injury claim is three years. However, human rights claims should be issued in the court within one year. In some cases a claim is possible outside the time-limit, but generally speaking the sooner you seek legal advice, the better. Only specialist accredited human rights lawyers are listed on this page.

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Mrs Kerstin Kubiak of ROYDS WITHY KING LLP in Bath
Personal injury - Senior Litigator
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Ms Mary Smith of S J EDNEY in Swindon
Personal injury - Senior Litigator
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Mrs Alison Cloak of ROYDS WITHY KING LLP in Bath
Personal injury - Senior Litigator
Associate specialising in clinical negligence and inquests. Read more
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