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The Scotsman re: Rachel Henry and Alistair Kinley: Fraudulent and dishonest claims getting off Scot-free

16 Jan 2020
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Insurance companies regularly make the threat of premium increases when the law appears to favour injured people. This usually relates to our car insurance policies and is a kneejerk reaction.

The way injury compensation is calculated has improved in recent years (due to the reviewed and revised discount rate) for people who suffer life-changing injuries in road crashes caused by other motorists. Injured people in Scotland now have a fairer chance of their compensation lasting to meet their needs for the rest of their lives. While money cannot take away the pain, anxiety, loss of dignity and family strain of a serious injury, it can at least help to ensure that practical care needs are met. This is, after all, the fundamental purpose of compulsory motor insurance.

In reality, the cost of insurance premiums has very little to do with personal injuries. The insurance industry’s own figures clearly show that since 2013, the cost of injury claims settled by motor insurers has fallen by 21 per cent. Over the same period, the cost of vehicle repair claims increased by 28 per cent.

Gordon Dalyell


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