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Mentoring for APIL members

"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction"
- John C Crosby
Launching summer 2022, register your interest now

Be the mentor you wish you'd had

The personal injury legal sector is known to be extremely competitive and challenging so we believe that anyone can benefit from the support and guidance a mentor/mentee relationship can provide.

Whether you are just starting out in your legal career, looking for career development support, or eager to share your own personal experience to help others progress, our mentoring scheme aims to provide the perfect opportunity to help our members with personal career growth and development by matching mentees with suitable mentors.

Mentoring relationships facilitate personal and professional development through support, challenge and review. With the support of a mentor, mentees can stay focused on their career whilst being held accountable for achieving their goals, and providing them with the motivation they need to move forward on their chosen career path.

How it works

  1. Register - enrol as a mentor or mentee in just a couple of minutes
  2. Complete your profile - add a profile picture and set your biography
    • Mentors - specify which topics you can help others with
    • Mentee - select areas you would like to improve
  3. Find your match - search results prioritise optimal matches
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An enriching and valuable experience gained by helping others and the satisfaction that comes from giving back

Networking opportunities with likeminded professionals

APIL accredited members can gain CPD towards their APIL training requirement

Enable others to benefit from your own personal injury legal knowledge

Develop your communication, management and leadership skills

Gain new perspectives – view and understand problems through the lens of your mentee

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Get support with your personal career goals and ambitions

Access a network of specialist legal professionals

Independent advice about your career plan goals and how you are accountable

Identify your strengths and overcome any weaknesses

Exposure to new and different perspectives

Overcome challenges with the support of a mentor who can provide you with the insights that could transform your career

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