Association of Personal Injury Lawyers
A not-for-profit organisation representing injured people

Our people

Chief Executive
Mike Benner
Mike Benner
Head of Business Development
Head of Finance
Head of Legal Affairs
Head of Membership Services
Head of Public Affairs
Paul Fleming
Paul Fleming
Donna Humphries
Donna Humphries
Abi Jennings
Abi Jennings
Marlene Lord
Marlene Lord
Lorraine Gwinnutt
Lorraine Gwinnutt

Our legal affairs team is responsible for:
  • Developing APIL legal policy in conjunction with our executive committee.
  • Responding to consultation papers from key government departments and other appropriate bodies.
  • Meeting with government officials and other key stakeholders on areas of legal policy and practice.
  • Providing a professional support and enquiry system to APIL members through our information service.
  • Dealing with complaints against members and all code of conduct related issues.
  • Legal challenges
  • Research
Our membership team is responsible for:
  • Membership recruitment and retention
  • Advice, administration and monitoring of the accreditation scheme
  • Regional, membership, and special interest groups
  • National programme of courses and conferences, including in-house and webinars
  • Residential conferences and special events
  • Working with experts and advertisers
  • Promotion of services and activities, including APIL’s public information campaign and use of the APIL accredited logo
  • Public referrals
Our public affairs team is responsible for:
  • Dissemination of APIL's key messages to the public, press, Parliament and other interested parties
  • Helping to prevent avoidable injury by alerting people to hazards, wherever they arise
  • Lobbying for reform of the law to help people injured through the negligence of others
  • Correcting misconceptions about the compensation system, through the press and Parliament

Working for us

Our success as a not-for-profit organisation means we are continually growing, and as a consequence we are always looking out for dynamic, enthusiastic, highly capable and motivated people to join our staff team.

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