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Cut crashes in London by sharing safe driving tips

21 Aug 2019
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Lawyers are urging drivers to share their top tips for safe driving this Injury Prevention Day (21 August).


APIL, a not-for profit campaign group for injured people, is targeting London because the capital has the most dangerous roads in Britain. Latest figures show that the rate of car crashes in the capital is 50 per cent higher than the rest of the country.


“Many of these crashes are avoidable if people just think back to lessons they learned when they first started driving,” said Kevin Grealis, APIL’s London group coordinator.


“Learning doesn’t stop once you’ve passed your driving test, and we all pick up bad habits over the years. An adage or mantra such as ‘only a fool breaks the two second rule’ or ‘fast drive could be your last drive’ can stick with people and could be enough to remind them to keep back from cars in front, and be mindful of driving speeds. Pass them on,” he urged. 


It could just be that the one little piece of advice you share could prevent a car crash and injuries, and a subsequent insurance claim.”

Latest figures from the Department for Transport reveal that the rate of car crashes in London is 307 for every 100,000 people, whereas the rate of crashes in Great Britain was just 202.


“We can all play our part in reducing the number of needless injuries by sharing our own pearls of wisdom and reminding everyone to be a better driver this Injury Prevention Day.


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