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Why I became a personal injury lawyer

Ali Malsher

Ali Malsher

APIL Senior Litigator

Anthony Gold Solicitors, London

"It was a natural development from my previous work as a nurse"

I have always been interested in medical issues and this was a way to combine medicine and law. A lot of lawyers have other skills which can assist particular groups of clients and this was mine. After working abroad as a nurse I returned to work in a charity and one of my first cases was someone who had suffered brain damage following a bleed post-surgery. The family didn't realise they had a case – they were just so grateful she was alive. It was only when I went through the medical records and I could see the deteriorating blood pressure with rising pulse that I was able to identify the possible negligence. They were dealt with by experienced lawyers and obtained significant compensation. The process was fascinating and I thought I could qualify. I did a post graduate diploma and changed career as a result.

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