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Accredited Accidents & Illnesses Abroad Specialists

Accidents and Illnesses Abroad Specialist

APIL has a specialist accreditation for accidents & illnesses abroad claims. If an APIL member’s profile displays the specialist accreditation logo it shows that they have achieved a particularly high standard of expertise and competence and that they actually specialise in this area of the law. However, due to the specialised nature of this accreditation we may not have a member with specialist accreditation in your area.

Only accredited members appear on the public search facility. If an APIL member's profile does not display the accidents & illnesses abroad specialist logo they will still be accredited at one of the general levels offered by APIL, having satisfied APIL's specific and extensive criteria by providing evidence of their competency and experience in handling personal injury claims.

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Mrs Brigit Nolan of WOLLENS in Torquay
Personal injury - Senior Litigator
I am a very experienced member of the Dispute resolution team at Wollens specialising in all aspects of Personal Injury Law. I have been accredited as a Senior Litigator Personal Injury Specialist with APIL for the last 5 years. I... Read more
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Injuries which are sustained on holiday abroad are types of claim which are often subject to different rules on time limits or the types of claim which can be made on your behalf. For instance, if you are injured on a ship or in an aeroplane, you may only have two years in which to start a legal action for compensation. If you are injured on holiday, the rules change depending on whether you booked your holiday as a package or not.