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Health and Safety Executive disclosure changes (webinar)

All levels - 1 hour

(Please note that the number of CPD hours may be subject to change)

Early contact with the Health and Safety Executive can make all the difference in winning or losing cases. Information about the workplace accident, investigations and potential details of witnesses can sometimes be obtained.
The HSE has recently introduced changes to how they process requests for disclosure of information that directly affects personal injury practitioners and their clients.
This webinar will help you understand on what basis they will provide information, how best to go about applying for it, what to expect in response and what further steps can be undertaken to get the information you need.
This will include: 

  • The changes being introduced by the HSE, including a centralised delivery team
  • The new disclosure information policy and what it means on a practical level
  • How to deal with HSE requests for costs and court applications
  • The practical implications of the regime and the use of CPR 31.17 – can it be used in pre-action applications?
  • When could a Norwich Pharmacal order be obtained – are they of any real use against the HSE?
  • What the HSE will typically not object to disclosing
  • What the HSE will have difficulty in disclosing  


1 person: £65 + VAT  |  2 - 6 people: £105 + VAT  |  7 people or more: £160 + VAT


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