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Service of the claim form: Key cases and issues 2021

Service of the claim form: Key cases and issues 2021
All levels - 1 hour

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Lessons for all litigators to learn
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Master McCloud once observed that every year there is a seasonal rush of “dry and unlovely crop of procedural service issues”.

Every litigator, claimant and defendant, has to be fully aware of issues relating to service of the claim form. 

This webinar looks at the key cases in relation to service issues over the previous 12 months. It will assist litigators in recognising, and avoid, problem areas in an area that regularly causes major problems.

Cases to be covered include: 

  • Ideal Shipping – the dangers of serving an unsealed claim form.
  • Boxwood Leisure – defective service, failure to serve the claim form and the impossibility of putting things right.
  • Johnson -v- Berentzen – a lesson about service, limitation and Scottish law
  • The Good Law Project – service one day late was fatal to the action
  • Tiger Falkirk Ltd – incorrect service on a solicitor led to failure in an £10 million claim
  • ABC – the dangers of the Electronic Working System
  • London Borough of Ealing – service of a claim form cannot be relegated to a matter of “paperwork”
  • Qatar Investments - court set aside extension of time for service, claimant's appeal refused

This webinar will look at the issues arising from each case and examine, by use of checklists and simple guides, how problems with service of the claim form can be avoided.


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24 Sep 2021

On-demand recording
From 24 Sep 2021 to 24 Mar 2022