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Indemnity costs: When and what will that mean?

All levels - 1 hour

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It is important to understand when a Claimant may be entitled to seek, or be at risk of, indemnity costs – also what that will mean, particularly where costs are fixed, budgeted or capped.  

The Court of Appeal has recently given guidance in Lejonvarn –v- Burgess [2020] EWCA Civ 114 which looks at a range of related issues which this webinar will explore including:

  • The difference between assessed costs and fixed costs (with a reminder of when fixed costs will, and will not, apply)
  • The difference, on assessment, between the standard basis and the indemnity basis
  • When will the Court be likely to award indemnity costs, for either party, under Part 44
  • When is the Claimant entitled to indemnity costs under Part 36
  • Is the Defendant entitled to indemnity costs under Part 36
  • Exceptionality and indemnity costs with fixed costs
  • Indemnity costs with budgeted and capped costs


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