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Dealing with the counter-schedule and counter-arguments in relation to damages

All levels - 1 hour

(Please note that the number of CPD hours may be subject to change)

Here we take a detailed look of those arguments that can be marshalled to reduce a claim for damages and cover:

  • Assessing points made in the counter-schedule
  • Causation arguments and the reduction of damages
  • Arguments about mitigation of loss
  • The schedule and recoupable benefits
  • The schedule and non-recoupable benefits


This series goes through each major element of a claim for damages, looking at how they should be presented in the schedule of damages coupled with the evidence needed to prove each element of the claim.  

The series can be viewed as a whole but each webinar is self-contained looking at a particular element of the claim, how it is established by evidence and how it is presented in the schedule of damages.  Emphasis is placed on ensuring the claim is presented accurately and on avoiding both under-valuing the claim and allegations of exaggeration.

This webinar is part of a six session series and further webinars in the series include:

Pain and suffering
Loss of earnings
Care claims
Accommodation and appliance claims
Periodical payments and provisional damages
Dealing with the counter-schedule and counter-arguments in relation to damages


1 person: £65 + VAT
Small office (2 - 6 people): £105 + VAT
Large office (7 people or more): £160 + VAT
Whole organisation (All staff at all offices): £320 + VAT


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16 Jul 2021

On-demand recording
From 16 Jul 2021 to 16 Jan 2022